Some Points In Our Favor


Yes it’s another pun. But we think we’ve scored a real good one here.

Okay, okay we’ll hold off on any more puns for the rest of this update. There’s no need to keep count…

Alright, that’s seriously enough. We’ve clearly committed a number of offenses…

And we can’t stop. Or maybe we just don’t want to.

But that’s just because we’re excited for our latest feature update, and that’s a point system! A la your favorite RPG games. That’s right! Whether it’s Destiny, Borderlands, Diablo or any number of other games with numbers flying through the air! We now have that too!

This announcement may leave you wondering - what’s the big deal? Numbers, smumbers. Everyone’s got numbers. And yes everyone’s got numbers. But no one has numbers like us. That’s probably factually false. Instead a way to look at it is, we’re just doing good game design.

And numbers are part of it. The numbers displayed in A Giant Problem, aren’t damage. Rather they’re the points the player receives for hitting or killing enemies. The sum of which is displayed to the player throughout the game and at the end of a level. It’s a simple arcade aspect, yet one well worth leaning into for what it does for the overall feel of the game.

Numbers, as they often are in any games, serve two purposes. One - they let the player know how they’re doing. And two - they serve as encouragement to do better. For A Giant Problem, that means encouraging the player to do something more than just smashing the oncoming horde of goblins. It could be throwing them, swatting them aside, tossing a fireball at them, etc. Experimentation is rewarded. It’s part of the design of the game, and the numbers flying through the air help highlight that. 

They’re also very pretty.

Pretty aside, we won’t say right now how the points and the scores tie in to the rest of the game. Just know that they will. More on that in a future update.

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