Gamescom Sure Is Something


Hulking - Seething - Vibrant - Immense. All great words to describe the world’s largest video game convention. But for Critical Charm it was so much more!

For us it was invigorating. Not just for the chance to travel internationally and visit beautiful cities. But because Gamescom reinforced our belief in A Giant Problem, us as a team, and the joy of making video games. It showed us we’re on the right track and making a great game.

We know how trite it is for a game developer to say their game is awesome. We’re so close to the work that we can’t deny our inevitable bias. And yet when we’re showing the game all we can see are the bugs and problems. The thing is others don’t. Of the hundred or so playtests that occurred over three days at Gamescom we didn’t hear people complaining about them.

Instead they were laughing, and talking to their friends about the game. And just having a good time. It’s a generally positive atmosphere there, so it’s not unexpected. At the same time A Giant Problem is a work-in-progress. So there are always things that need work. But no one was focusing on that. They were simply focusing on the fun they were having embodying the original power fantasy.

100 or so players may not seem like a lot for a convention that gets nearly 400,000 attendees. For us it was phenomenal given we were at the Play Finland booth on the trade side, where it’s only developers, business people and press. Here we have to give a special shoutout to Elina and Koopee for organizing and running the booth, they did fantastic work. Without them we wouldn’t have had the showing we did.

The Future

Being in the Oculus Indie Spotlight and at Gamescom has set a lot of expectations. Not just within the team, but from the game development community, and the players. It’s also highlighted the value in getting out there and showing our work. And not just because we had mobile game publishers coming up to us and expressing the love of our poster (which you can see on the left).

So… that means we’re going full steam ahead with production. We hope to have more to announce soon in terms of release dates, platforms, partners, and of course more about the characters, features and the story of A Giant Problem. We’ll keep doing our weekly live stream over on Twitch, too. We hope you’re with us for this journey, cause it’s going to be a fun one!

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