Critical Charm was Nominated for the Oculus Indie Spotlight


Marjo and A Giant Problem were on stage at the Devcom HEROES Award 2019 show!

Someone at Oculus clearly thinks we’re doing something right. And that’s why we’ve been nominated to be highlighted by the Oculus Indie Spotlight at Devcom, before Gamescom. It’s an honor and we’re proud to be included in such remarkable company. The other two companies nominated include Pixel Toys and Neat Corporation. Be sure to go check out there games!

We’re a young company, just over a year old at this point, and A Giant Problem has been our main focus for the past six months. So to be recognized for what we’ve created and what our intentions are, is fantastic. That recognition is something we’re not going to squander.

While we want to be more explicit about our plans for both A Giant Problem and the company, we have to keep quiet for the moment. That doesn’t mean there won’t be more blog posts, more live streams, and more interviews with the team. We intend to do all of that and more. Maybe we’ll even start a discord server.

For now, content yourself with the knowledge that Critical Charm is hard at work bring you the best version of A Giant Problem. So to stay up-to-date on the game be sure to wishlist it on Steam, and subscribe to our newsletter below!