New Style, Same Giant Problem


We've been quiet about the development of A Giant Problem for a while, but it's only so we have more to show!

In the past few months we've overhauled the look of the game. So what you see now, in the screenshots section, is the style for the game. It's more cartoonish and low-poly and we're quite pleased with it. We find it very reminiscent of Chuck Jones' work if you remember the old Looney Tunes show with Bugs Bunny, etc.

This look does a number of things for us, asides from providing a more unified style that's coherent throughout. It also communicates better where the player can move. And movement in VR is about setting clear expectations. So now the player can walk anywhere, though they cannot climb. But that's a tradeoff we think is worth it to help players avoid motion sickness.

The cartooniness also ties in better with the low-level of violence. There isn't blood or guts, but as a giant you are throwing around goblins and trolls. So making them go poof and disappear when they're hurt ties in nicely with the art style.

We're also developing the game with the Oculus Quest in mind. As we're a small team that means we have to be very conscious of our resources both in game and in the real world. So a move to this art style helps us with both of those concerns.

In addition, while we want this game to be as good and as challenging as possible for our players. We also want it to be inviting to players of all ages and backgrounds. And we feel this style does that, without compromising gameplay. So if you're trying to convince your family that VR is the way to go, hopefully A Giant Problem will convince them.

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