Gamescom's Got A Giant Problem Coming


Will Critical Charm ever tire of the puns? Is Greg really that funny? Does Marjo actually carry a big sword?!

Find out answers to those questions and more at Gamescom 2019! That’s right we’re going to Cologne, Germany for perhaps the biggest games conference, festival, party, shindig or shenanigans there is on this planet! And A Giant Problem will be playable there!

And it gets even better! It may be hard to believe, that getting to play a fantastic and fantastical VR game in a beautiful city like Cologne could be better, especially when surrounding by hordes of eager and enthusiastic video game players. But it does! Cause we’ll be in the Industry side of things at Gamescom. In fact, we’re at the Play Finland & Norway booth along with a lot of other great Finnish & Norwegian developers.

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 15.37.48.png

You can find us in Hall 3.2 Aisle E020g - F029g. It’s quite sizable, but worry not you’ll be able to spot us with ease.

If you haven’t heard about A Giant Problem… then you’ve got a different problem. Namely, A Giant Problem isn’t in your life or on your wishlist. And it should be. It should be.

But why, you’re probably asking yourself. And the flippant yet obvious answer of “cause”, isn’t necessarily going to cut it. You’re a discerning gamer, and want to play only the best, most exquisite of productions. And rightly so. 

A Giant Problem is a finely honed action game that places you in the very big shoes of a giant tasked with fending off hordes and hordes of goblins, trolls and other creatures who are all intent on taking your gold, destroying the livelihoods of your little fairytale friends, and generally just being a very big pain. Which is surprising for creatures so small.

They’ve got the numbers, but you’ve got the size. So smash, bash, and mash your way through a vibrant and color world full of delightful and quirky oddities. Crush your enemies or simply throw them away. Pick up stone walls and use them as bowling balls to knockdown waves of goblins. Rip up trees and go to town on some trolls. Or just reach that jar of sugar sitting on the top shelf. There are lots of benefits to being big.

So be sure to drop by the booth and come try A Giant Problem. Or just come say hello to Marjo and Greg. 

By the way, the answers to the above questions should be obvious - they already did, no, and yes. But come by the booth and you’ll see that for yourself. And if you want to keep up-to-date and learn more about the game, then be sure to subscribe to our newsletter at the link below.