Critical Charm Is Dipping Their Toe Into The Stream


The live stream that is! We’re now live streaming every week on Twitch!

A blog is all well and good but in today’s high-tech and hip environment of game development, you need video. And what better thing to video than us… playing games. Mostly it’ll be our game, A Giant Problem. But occasionally we’ll play other games as well. When we do we’ll discuss the games, and perhaps do a design breakdown to see what we can learn from those games. Or maybe we’ll just have fun and hopefully you will along with us.

Playing games isn’t the only thing we have planned for the live streams. We’re hoping to show Minna’s art and animation processes, Jaakko and Patrick’s coding prowess and problem solving skills, and even Marjo’s abilities wielding her spear. Greg may even run an RPG for the team from time to time. And of course we plan on having regular Q&As with the team about their work, the game, and even what it’s like in Finland.

We’ll stream to Twitch, so either click the link or search for Critical Charm, and be sure to follow or subscribe to our channel. If Twitch isn’t your thing, don’t worry we have you covered. Our entire library of streams will be made available on YouTube. The first episode is already available!

The plan is for us to stream weekly on either Wednesday or Thursday, and all times will be GMT+3 since we are in Helsinki, Finland. But we’ll be sure to put out a tweet about it announcing the upcoming stream. So if you don’t follow us on Twitter, ask yourself why not.

If you have questions or suggestions for us be sure to send them in using the Contact page. Or hit us up on any of our social media channels, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #AGiantProblem. And you can subscribe to our newsletter below to stay up-to-date on all that’s going on with us. If you haven’t already, be sure to wishlist A Giant Problem on Steam!