A Charming Lot - Freya


This is part of a series of interviews with the team behind Critical Charm and those who helped us getting our game together. Here’s Freya, our Chief Happiness Officer!

Your career to date has been varied and far from a straight line, but now you find yourself the Chief Happiness Officer of a game studio. Has it been a surprising journey?

They say curiosity killed the cat. I’m not a cat, so curiosity has only served me well. Also, what cat? Where was this cat? I can’t smell a cat. I don’t think there was really a cat. Are you sure there was a cat?

Ahem, yes journeys and my career. It’s certainly been different. But that’s not a bad thing. To use another quote, it’s not the destination but the journey. Though I think it’s more than that. I think it’s about having a journey. I mean I like walks. Who doesn’t? Walks are great. But I don’t want to just walk. I want to walk someplace new. All the time.

So being Chief Happiness Officer is just another part of the journey and it’s something new. Something exciting. Especially with all these new people and smells. But there are no cats… Not that that’s a problem. And that’s not to say anyone promised me cats…

You’re for all appearances a very happy person, but video games seem to be something new for you.

All about the journey. And sure video games aren’t generally made for me, but my human loves them and I love her. So I want her to be happy. See the cycle there?

Yes. But is that enough for someone in your role?

What is a chief happiness officer? We signed on we didn’t define my role. But that’s any startup, any new business, any new adventure. You figure it out as you go. And it’s the same thing for this. I sniff out what makes people happy, and for everyone it’s something different.

I like treats. Someone people aren’t so keen on turkey jerky, which just means more for me. But maybe they need a hug or a lick. I can provide that for them. Of course it’s all with their consent. Other times someone just needs to know that I’m there for them, or to warm their feet. That happens a lot of late, given the new office constantly has the A/C on.

The joy of my job is that I get to make it what I want. And for some of us working in video games, that means taking on a supporting role. Plus I get to spend more time with my human.

Is there a down side to your job?

For sure.

Care to share it?

The goobly-gobbly language.

The what?

Just because I’m a dog, people think they can walk up to me and start in with this high pitched, screeching nonsense.

Greg is the worst. And yes I’m calling him out here. He’s all “who’s a good doggo, you are, yes you are!”. And I’m like, “human, I’m from noble stock and will not be addressed that way.” But seriously, talking to me like I’m some human baby is such nonsense. Enough with the “snuggems”, “the bow wows”, and the rest of that. It just makes him look like a fool. And I know the internet loves to talk about us with such terms, but please stop.

In all seriousness, stop. It’s just demeaning, for you. For us it’s frustrating.

But Greg means well. And he is working on it. Aside from that, is a pleasure to work with him. As it is the entire team.