We've Moved!


To Arabia… no not the Middle East. It’s actually a neighborhood in Helsinki.

We’re now located in the Helsinki XR Center. Which is an awesome development for us as we’re surrounded by loads of other VR and AR developers. Though currently we’re the only game team. That’s not a bad thing, because everyone else here is still going to have a lot of knowledge they can share about developing for different platforms. And of course we do more than be our charming selves.

The Helsinki XR Center will official open in September, 2019. So stay tuned to hear more about that. In the mean time, we are still a part of the Farm League. We’ll just be taking part in those activities from a distance most days. When we have the opportunity of course we’ll return to Maria 01 and partake in the festivities there.

Our new home is a great opportunity for us to grow both as a team and individuals because of all the opportunities for learning, sharing and more it’ll provide. We’re really excited by it. Plus the beach is just two blocks away. Not that the beach is ever that far anywhere in Helsinki. And yes we know, this is Finland it’s not exactly a country that screams “beach” to you. But when it’s sunny this place is gorgeous.

In fact the entire building is a pleasure to be in. Not that our offices at Maria 01 were anything to laugh at. But like those, we’re in a refurbished older structure that mixes the modern with Helsinki’s history. It’s quite inspiring, especially since this whole area is quite focused on design. If you want to learn more then be sure to visit the Iittala & Arabia Design Centre or check out Metropolia University which has also their design school located here.

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