Setting The Bar With Playtests

A Giant Problem recently made its first public appearance, to great delight.

We’ve been pretty quiet of late. That’s in part because we’re a small team, and like many indie studios, we all have multiple roles. So it’s easy to let marketing and community building take a backseat when you’re deep in development like we are. But rest assured it’s all been with good reason.

For one, we’ve been attending a number of events like Nordic Game Conference. Though of greater interest to players is the fact that we’ve recently been playtesting A Giant Problem at a local IGDA event. Finland’s got the largest number of IGDA hubs, or at least some of the most active in the world. So having access to such an engaged and interested community is fantastic. It also helps that there are free drinks. Not that we encourage anyone play a VR game while or after having drunk alcohol.

Game developers being game players are a good group to use as playtesters. They’re both willing to play your game no mater how early, broken or buggy its development is. At the same time they’re providing you feedback that’s similar to what experienced players will. Of course you still need to get people who’ve never played a game to try it, which is pretty easy when it comes to developing for VR.

Feedback for A Giant Problem has been really good. People are having fun and enjoying the core gameplay. And as you can see from the photos it quickly gathers a crowd as someone attempts to fight off the gold-hungry hordes. There’s also enough of a challenge that people aren’t defeating the demo on the first go. Yet it isn’t so difficult that no one can. That of course is from people with experience playing games so they’re bring a certain amount of knowledge and skill to the playests.

All of that feedback has been helpful as we’ve continued to hone and develop A Giant Problem. We’ll certain be having more playtests in the coming months, some of them may even be public. So if you’re interested in trying A Giant Problem or just want to stay up-to-date on what we’re doing then be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below.