A Giant Problem is headed to the Nordic Game Conference 2019


A Giant Problem will be playable at Nordic Game Conference 2019. “We’re excited to be showing A Giant Problem as part of Play Finland, as it’s an honor to be included in such a fantastic collection of developers. Critical Charm is a young team and A Giant Problem is our first game, to get the opportunity to show it to the wider Nordic game development community is awesome!” said Marjo Sutinen, the CEO of Critical Charm. She will be in attendance and showing the virtual reality game at the Play Finland booth (A3/4).


For the first time A Giant Problem will be playable outside of Finland. Critical Charm is currently seeking funding, so demos for press, publishers and investors will be prioritized. All are invited to play the game and schedule an appointment. To do so, use the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfFbwZ0p_vKCdjSh28UZWLuQt7RoYZF_LCcbLIjV8lTVq1UGA/viewform?usp=sf_link

A Giant Problem is a VR action defense game that puts the task of defending into the very big and powerful hands of the player. Everything a player can get their hands on can be used to fend off the invading forces. Players will marshal their village to stand up for themselves and man the walls in defense. As a giant they’ll sling fireballs, toss enemies away like they’re week-old leftovers and swing buildings like they’re baseball bats, all while trying to repair their defenses and protect their own treasures!

Critical Charm is a young team of game developers based in Helsinki, Finland headed up by CEO Marjo Sutinen. Art is the domain of Minna Salminen. Game Design and Marketing is done by Gregory Pellechi. Sound Design and Music Composition is the work of Jonathan Methuen. Programming is realm of Tiina Mannelin, Jaakko Sirén, and Patrick Klinecz. Additional art was provided by Mikko Laakkonen. Together they design and develop out of their studio at Games Factory. The team are also participants in Farm League, the game incubator at Games Factory.

You can find more information about Critical Charm and their game, A Giant Problem  at https://www.criticalcharm.com, or follow Critical Charm on Twitter @CharmCritical. Meetings with Marjo can be scheduled through the link provided above.