The Meeting of Meetings

Or what it really should be called: The Post-GDC Post.

We could be making a Game of Thrones analogy about GDC but that would be really confusing. For one, GDC is not a dog-eat-dog fight for the top. But a really welcoming event that saw game developers from all over the world come to talk, play, and occasionally party.

We went with a purpose, and it wasn’t just to appease Greg’s need for Mexican food. Though we certainly did that. As well as his desire for American breakfasts. In fact he ate at Mel’s Drive-In most days, and he wasn’t alone. A lot of the game devs visiting San Francisco were there. Making it a great place to meet people, even if the morning is not your ideal time to be networking.

Greg went to a lot of meetings for a new team. We’re not at liberty to say who those were with. But they were all good and all highly productive. And no matter what they’re going to result in a better game. Those who did see A Giant Problem, both in meetings and elsewhere, were really excited by it and want to see more. Which is exactly the type of feedback we want.

Those meetings are affecting A Giant Problem. For the better. We’re not ready to talk about that though. Some of the details need to be worked out, but in the coming weeks and months we’ll be able to share more of what’s happening with us as a company, A Giant Problem, and our future plans.

For now, if you’re interested in learning more be sure to sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Twitter, or get in contact. And please let us know what events you want to see us and A Giant Problem at. Right now we’re thinking Nordic Game Conference and possibly Games Com. But we could also come to a convention near you!