The Charm Offensive

San Francisco here we come! GDC’s our destination and we’re bringing A Giant Problem!

No that doesn’t mean Greg. It’s our game. But yes, Greg’s going as our representative. He’ll be there meeting with other game developers, artists, journalists and more to talk all things Critical Charm. We may even have a little video to show people.

The current problem with VR is how it’s not terribly portable. Though Oculus and HTC are working on that very issue. Our current build isn’t made with mobile versions in mind because they lack the spatial tracking that PCs have. That’s a roundabout way of saying we won’t have a playable version at GDC.

So what are we hoping to get out of GDC? Greg will say tacos. And we can understand that, it has been almost 10 years since he was last in California and Finland isn’t known for its Mexican food. But he’s unlikely to bring any back for the rest of the team. Not that tacos travel well.

The rest of the team hope Greg will be talking us up to publishers, partners and others. It is his job after all. But we’re sure he won’t fail us in that regard. So if you’re attending GDC and want to meet with Greg to talk about our work or working with us then be sure to drop us a line. Or you can just arrange to get tacos with Greg.

If you’re not attending GDC but still want to talk then get in touch. You’ll also be able to meet up with one of the team at Tallinn Gamedev Days and Nordic Game Conference in the future. Hopefully we’ll even make it to Gamescom.