Taking Tokyo By A Slushy Storm

And it was A Giant Problem… no wait! A Giant Success! Yes that’s the right phrase!

Welcome home! How was your first trip to Tokyo?

Thank you! It was very cool - beautiful buzzing city, and exciting Slush shenanigans!

I know it was a success and not just because everything you do, and we do as a team, is. But what did you accomplish there?

Awws, haha! I did a lot of public speaking in a Slush pre-event, gave a few media interviews, showed our trailer to a great number of people and got to know very interesting professionals - both from Tokyo and from Helsinki, as we travelled with a Finnish game industry delegation.

Other than our game what were you speaking about?

Our journey to become the Critical Charm we're now. Getting started in the Helsinki game industry and the significance of a supportive professional community.

This was your first experience speaking at such an event, so what was that like?

Very cool! I've given speeches in different events before, but the fact that we were in Japan and that the rest of the lineup were really seasoned professionals made it exciting. To tell the truth, I was also horribly jet lagged and first ended up in a different venue of almost the same name... yikes! But traveling wouldn't be traveling if all were just as simple as at home. Speaking was fun, as was listening to others there, and I met a great deal of interesting people at the event.

It wasn't all Slush and talking to investors, what else did you get up to? 

It was a concise trip - five nights - and I was working a lot, but also got to relax at times and do cool stuff. One thing was the food - I ate mostly at random restaurants that happened to be on the way, but everything I had was just delicious. The fish, the pork, the soups, the salads, all of it. There was also a night life tour, gaming shop tour around Akihabara and karaoke. Of course karaoke, when Finns and the Japanese meet! I love singing so that was a lot of fun.

Did anything about Japan or speaking publicly surprise you?

About public speaking, the main surprising thing was how much the energy from the audience and the context helped in being sharp on the stage despite jet lag and bad sleep. About Japan, many things certainly! 

First of all, how clean, pleasant and organized everything was, and how a city that large could have a certain level of peace to it. I think I get easily stressed out in very large cities, as I'm sure many people do - but Tokyo is the largest city I've ever visited and astonishingly, it didn't feel stressful at all. 

Second, I was surprised by the fact that quite many people spoke good English. I'm still not clear on whether that was just good luck or the common thing, as some of my traveling companions had different experiences. In any case, everything was easier than I expected, while having its own local flavor.