A Giant Problem is Itching to go!


We’re now on Itch.io and proud of it! Cause we’re indie devs!

Not everyone is going to want to purchase their game on Steam. And that’s okay. It’s why we’ve taken the philosophy of making our game as widely available as possible, not just in terms of the hardware it runs on, but the places you can purchase it. Hence why it’s on Itch.io.

Early Access and review versions will be made available through Itch, so you’re not reliant on Steam either. In fact if you like us a lot, you’re better off purchasing the game (when it’s available) through Itch.io as we get a larger cut.

If you’ve never heard of Itch be sure it check it out. It’s a great online store for all sorts of games and digital content. You can find everything from tabletop roleplaying games, to ebooks, game assets and of course A Giant Problem on the store.

It’s perfect for game developers of all levels from hobbyists to professionals. With the added bonus that it’s free to use. You might even find some personal projects from our team on there if you look.