What's In A Logo?


A lot apparently. Creating one is not a quick process and here we’ll examine why.

Logos are meant to speak to the audience. It’s meant to describe what a game is about and who it’s for. There’s a lot riding on a logo in ways because a game is both a product and an experience, not to mention a cultural production. We at Critical Charm took quite some time to come up with ours, which you can now see above.

Minna’s done a fantastic job at honing the vision of our game into a single, readable image. She’s an artist who specializes in 3D but clearly her skills transfer well to graphic design - not something that’s readily said about all artists.

Part of the difficult in creating a logo comes from the differing ideas everyone on the team has about what the game is. Even with a central vision, how to explain that in a single image can be difficult to explain. In A Giant Problem you’re the giant, but you’re not attacking the castle, instead you’re defending it, the villagers within, and some treasure. Plus you’re meant to be rebuilding parts of the castle, fending off invading goblins, and casting the occasional magic spell. Now put that all in a single image.

And that’s before we even talk about the campaign. Oh by the way, there’s a campaign in the works for A Giant Problem. It won’t just be a horde mode or firefight mode, if you’ve played Gears of War or Halo respectively, where you’re tasked with fighting off endless waves of enemies. Though we’re also working on an endless mode.

Clearly there’s a lot to share. But for now, it’s just our logo! So here it is and we hope you like it! Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks!