Stepping Up To Bat - Farm League


Critical Charm is getting ready for the show by being part of Farm League, the game incubator at Games Factory.

We came to Games Factory before Farm League had begun. We got an office here because of the potential such a hub has. All you need to do is look to Glitch City in Los Angeles, California or The Arcade in Melbourne, Australia to see what’s possible.

Some fantastic teams and games have come out of those communities, including Hyper Light Drifter by Heart Machine, Florence by Mountains, Neo Cab by Fellow Traveller, and Quadrilateral Cowboy by Blendo Games. So our expectations for Games Factory are understandably high. And they’ve been met by both the place, the people and the games in development by all.

We, being a new team, inevitably had a few hiccups, and Games Factory has been there to support us through them. Which was why we jumped at the chance to join Farm League when Suvi KIviniemi (pictured above) suggested we pitch. Suvi being the head of Farm League. After all, it’s not everyday you’re asked to receive mentoring, training and feedback from video game professionals. It’s usually the other way around, in that we’d have to beg those same people to even talk to us.

Okay, maybe not beg. This is Finland and here the culture among game devs is one of being open, sharing and helping. But having the structure of Farm League can only aid that. After the first month, we’re undoubtedly pleased. Things are in the works as a result of joining Farm League and being at Games Factory. Though we can’t talk about those things just yet.

Another bonus of working from Games Factory is the building. It’s 130 years old and designed by Onni Törnqvist and simply beautiful in the snow.