Playtest Shenanigans

Smiles were had, laughs were heard, and we learned a lot.

We held our first playtest of A Giant Problem on Tuesday and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Those who showed up left with smiles on their faces and more than a few memorable moments. Of course you really feel like a giant when you’re attacked with love and kisses by Games Factory’s own mascot - Cuba.

Cuba if you’re wondering is a Havanese, hence the name. She can be found daily running around the place so if anyone’s every feeling low, she’s there to perk you up. She also likes to get in on the fun and games.

As for A Giant Problem, we got some excellent feedback from our dear playtesters. It helps that they’re also game developers, so they know what we need to hear. They don’t just tell us what they want to hear. But their expressions while playing say a lot, so we know we’re on to something. It also means we’re one step closer to early access and getting the game in your hands!