A Giant Problem Is Coming Your Way

Critical Charm is proud to announce their upcoming title, A Giant Problem. The virtual reality video game is set to release on PC and requires at a minimum a Windows Mixed Reality headset and motion controllers. Though it is designed to be played on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive as well. The game is set to be released into Early Access on Steam in Q1 2019 and will be available for purchase there as well as Itch.io, the Oculus store, VivePort, and elsewhere in Q2 2019.

A Giant Problem is a first person simulator putting the player in the very big shoes of a giant tasked with defending their home. They’ll fight tooth and nail, okay maybe not tooth, but with their hands and anything they can get them on to fend off the invading forces. Players will marshal their village to stand up for themselves and man the walls in defense. As a giant they’ll sling magic missiles, toss rolling rocks and lob large logs at the oncoming hordes while trying to repair their defenses and protect their own treasures!

Critical Charm is a young team of game developers based in Helsinki, Finland headed up by CEO Marjo Sutinen. Art is the domain of Minna Salminen. Programming is the work of Sebastian Riikonen. While narrative and marketing are the realm of Gregory Pellechi. Together they design and develop out of their studio at Games Factory. The team are also participants in Farm League, the game incubator at Games Factory.

You can find more information about Critical Charm and their game, A Giant Problem  at https://www.criticalcharm.com, or follow Critical Charm on Twitter @CharmCritical. Any and all of the team are available for comment, so please feel free to contact Gregory to arrange an interview. Gregory can be reached at greg.pellechi@criticalcharm.com