The Team


Marjo Sutinen

Marjo loves to hit people with foam swords. It probably explains why she’s the CEO of Critical Charm. “Boffering” aside, Marjo brought this team together and keeps it that way with a minimal amount of violence. She’s an avid choral singer which helps because she is, after all, the voice of Critical Charm.

Marjo can reached at or +358413198335.


Minna Salminen

Art and archery - it’s not a combination you normally think of. But Minna is as accurate with her arrows as she is her pen and inks. She brings to life everything we do with style and dedication. If it weren’t for Minna’s art then Critical Charm would be wide of the mark when it comes to making games.

Minna’s work can be found on Art Station.


Gregory Pellechi

Greg likes to tackle narrative head on. It’s an approach that’s served him well in both rugby and life, though not without a few concussions. Don’t let that scare you though, he’s quite gentle. Greg also has a degree in creative writing and likes to spend his time telling stories or with his daughter - who isn’t interested in what he has to say.

Greg’s work can be found on his website, YouTube, and Twitch or he can be contacted by Twitter or email.


Additional Help


Mikko Laakkonen

A picture is worth a thousand words, but when the artist has a thousand more you know you’re in for a treat. And that’s what it is for Critical Charm to have Mikko on the team. Whether it’s storyboarding, character design, environmental art or simply a meeting Mikko always has something to contribute. It’s not all Guild Wars 2 with him either.

Mikko’s work can be found on Behance.


Jonathan Methuen

Always composed and always composing - Jonathan goes the distance when it comes to sound design and music composition. It helps that he’s an avid runner, so he knows well how to pace himself, though he says his preference is for generic exercise (whatever that is). His taste in games is as varied as his taste in music, which is great for Critical Charm because we need and welcome all those influences. Even if one of them is Kingdom Hearts.

Jonathan’s work can be found on his website and YouTube. He can be reached on Instagram.